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LeapFrog offers the LeapPad Ultimate tablet for kids

LeapPad Ultimate tablet for kids

When it comes to kids, you know that they can be boisterous. Very boisterous in fact, and through their hyperactivity and running around, they are bound to cause something to break. This means handing over a brand new smartphone is not the best of ideas, since a random drop is most probably going to result in two things breaking: the smartphone’s screen and your heart. But sometimes you need a break from following your kids outside with a GPS tracker and having some kind of electronic device to keep them busy indoors can be amazing. LeapFrog is able to identify with parents who want a solution by rolling out what is deemed to be the “perfect” first tablet for kids — the LeapPad Ultimate.

LeapFrog is no stranger when it comes to hardware for the little ones, having racked up an admirable amount of experience in this aspect over the years. The LeapPad Ultimate is supposed to be the culmination of their years of wisdom and experience, boasting of a perfect kid-safe design. To sweeten the deal, LeapFrog has thrown in over $100 worth of preloaded learning content that will feature core skills in mathematics, reading and science. Not only that, other aspects such as music, puzzles, logic and creativity intend to assist children in their preparation for preschool and after that, life in school.

With the unique library of content, the LeapPad Ultimate will be able to let the little ones get learning and playing right from the get go. We are talking about more than 1,000 learning apps, eBooks, videos and more, and will also offer access to pre-selected websites that have been approved by learning experts. This would certainly lift up some burden of policing the little ones by the parents when it comes to navigating through the digital minefield of content. Integrated parental controls enables parents to let different kids use the same LeapPad Ultimate, since it can set individual play time limits. The LeapPad Ultimate will target kids aged three to nine years old, with an asking price of $99.99 apiece.