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Leaf Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

Is your TV reception basically crap, so much so that you might actually have thought that you were living underground like a mole? Well, here is a device that you might want to consider – the $39.99 Leaf Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna, which you will have to connect it to your TV by mounting it on your wall. It looks really good, too, as its name suggests, being super thin and all, where it is capable of receiving free over-the-air broadcasts – in High Definition glory as well to boot, allowing you to save more money each month as there is no need for you to pay for cable any more, with the Leaf in tow. Those who live in a bustling metropolis or a suburb should be able to receive around 10 to 20 channels using the Leaf, but if those who live in the great outdoors, far away from the rest of humanity, will definitely be unable to receive as many channels – logically speaking. This is better than nothing, and at least when you fork out less than $50, the return on investment should be worth a shot, don’t you think so? ]]>

2 thoughts on “Leaf Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna”

  1. Ya just bought one of these on KilltheCablebill and got a 20% off discount. Hooked it up today and it works great. Bye Bye cable bill!

  2. Thanks for all of this great information on the Leaf, Edwin. I once had an indoor antenna very similar to the Leaf in both form and function. Here in the Denver area I was able to pick up roughly 20 stations but the majority of them were in Spanish or they were religious in nature. I was able to pick up the big networks but anytime a large truck or bus drove by my apartment I would lose signal and my picture. I couldn’t stand it so I took the suggestion of a coworker to try service from our employer Dish. Looking back, I wish I had done that sooner. I have a ton of HD channels without any signal issues.

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