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Leaf Genie helps you clear your yard in no time at all

Whenever fall arrives, there is just one particular house chore that you will need to get done – that is, to make sure that the leaves in your yard are all nicely swept away to one side, otherwise it would end up being a major mess, visually as well as physically. I guess that is where the alternative name for ‘autumn’ came in, no, with all of the leaves falling down like nobody’s business. Well, the usual rake might have done the job for a fair number of decades, but how about getting a little help from outside technology? Case in point, the $139.95 Leaf Genie.

This bad boy will sport an interesting all-in-one design, where a single one-switch flick will turn it from being a forceful blower to powerful vacuum and handy mulcher, and despite wearing multiple hats as a single device, it will not bog you down or be dead weight in any way, functioning as a compact, one-handed operation. The Leaf Genie is capable of mulching leaves up to 1/10th of their original size, and the blower works at speeds of up to 210 mph! Alternatively, suck them leaves up with a vacuum that generates 350 cubic feet of airflow per minute.