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The Leaf Faucet Extender helps little hands reach the water


Little kids don’t want to be little kids, even from the time they’re just learning to walk. They want to do everything on their own, and come running back to mom and dad when they realize things are a bit more complicated than they thought they would be. You want to help them be as independent as possible so that those habits of being self-reliant will follow them into adulthood, and those little moments start whenever you let them.

 While this isn’t going to help your kid learn how to change the oil in their car or file their taxes, the Leaf Faucet Extender will help little hands be washed without you having to pick up your child. This is used to put the stream of water further out so that children can get on a step stool and wash their hands on their own. It can also help bath time feel more like swimming in a pool under a waterfall!

This does take some work to put onto the faucet, but should fit most standard-sized bathroom sinks. Since this isn’t made of metal, you’ll have to remove and wash it to keep it free of scum build-up, but thankfully it is dishwasher safe. You’ll be paying out $6.99 for this little bathroom accessory, and will still have to turn on the water your tiny tot, but at least your arms won’t die holding your them closer to the faucet.

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