LawnMower + Transformer = Pac a Mow

Pac a Mow lawn mower

The only cordless lawn mower I’d expect to post on here would have to be of the robotic kind, well that changed after seeing the Flymo Pac a Mow. The Pac a Mow is the a result of what happens when you let your designers watch Transformers Robots in Disguise a little bit too much.

The Pac a Mow is actually a bit of a sensible idea, if you’ve ever tried to cram a lawn mower into an already full shed you’ll know where I’, coming from with this. Instead of having handles, boxes and cables sticking out all over the place the “Pac a Mow” transforms into an easily managed box shaped garden appliance when not in use.

This does seems a bit too boring and sensible sort of gadget to mention here but hey Transformers are cool. Normal useless but fun gadget reporting will resume after this short break :).