Lawn Mowing with your iPhone 101

robot lawn mowing with your smartphone

In case you missed it, Husqvarna has been in the robot lawn mower business for quite a while now, we have been reporting on them for a few years already. Ahhh the pleasures of sitting in air conditioned comfort while the mower tackles your lawn all by itself.

It appears that the newest update to this idyllic scene, is that now you can be sitting in an air conditioned movie theater or lying on your favorite beach, because Husqvarna’s new iPhone app lets you mow the lawn without even being at home. Any Automower® robotic lawnmower equipped with a GPS Communication Unit (available separately) can be remotely started and stopped, as well as tracked on your iPhone screen. The app also has installation movies, a buying guide and FAQs, in case you’re considering a $5000.00+ lawnmower purchase. If you have been looking for a gardening upgrade and don’t feel like using your cordless lawn mower anymore, this might be a great investment.

“We all want a well-kept lawn, but few are willing to invest the time needed. With the help of Automower® we made life a little easier for house owners. With the iPhone app we take gardening one step further. With its help you take control of your lawn as easily as making a phone call,” says Stefan Axelsson, Business Development Manager at Husqvarna.

The new GPS Communication Unit is available for most of the Automower® range and from 2011 on, it comes as standard for the 260 ACX model. The GPS Communications Unit also enables GPS theft tracker and SMS alert a good thing, because I had pictured folks marveling at my unmanned mower, you know, right before they grabbed it and loaded on their pick-up truck.