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Laurastar Smart is the first connected iron in the world

laurastar-smartJust when you thought that the home has had enough smart devices lying around, Laurastar decided to introduce something new and different to the market: the Laurastar Smart. What makes the Laurastar Smart special compared to a regular iron? Why, it is not only able to make sure your business meetings will have you look your very best, it will also ensure that you can boast to the rest of the neighborhood that you have the first connected iron in the world.

The Laurastar Smart will take advantage of Bluetooth patent-pending technology in order to have it connect to an application on your smartphone. There is a built-in sensor within the Laurastar Smart that will help it optimize your ironing technique. This is made possible as it compares your ironing movement to that of the one shown on the interactive video that the app provides. Over the course of time, you will be able to keep to the perfect gesture, hence increasing your skill when it comes to straightening out the creases on a shirt, a jacket or skirt.

There will be three personalized tutorial levels that accompany the app: “beginner”, “advanced” or “expert”, and regardless of the level selected, you will enjoy a fun and effective accompaniment where ironing clothes at an optimal level of care. The entire system acts as your ironing coach, so that you end up as an expert over the course of time. You can also evaluate your progress via the application’s time tracking capability and “reward” system.

Even better yet is the Laurastar Smart’s ability to capture movements while triggering steam on its own. Being this intelligent and autonomous means there is no longer any need to adjust the temperature since the thermostat has been specially programmed to adapt to different kinds of fabrics on its own.

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