Laugh & Learn Baby iPhone Case

Would you trust your spanking new iPhone with the most recent addition in your home that the stork brought in? Most people would most probably get a fake, child-safe toy phone, but if you are willing to take the risk, just get the $19.99 Laugh & Learn Baby iPhone Case. Not only does it protects your iPhone or iPod from disaster, it will also allow your little one to play learning games and develop their thinking skills in the process. Even better is the fact that the Home button remains blocked at all times, so that baby will be unable to make any accidental calls.
This Fisher Price iPhone case will ensure your iPhone remains securely locked within, ensuring it is safe from dribbles, drips, drools, and teething. With just two ways to dock your device, it will remain safely encased within. Fisher Price also ensures you have something to start off with by offering free learning apps in the App Store. Heck, if you want to take the risk of running these apps without protecting your iPhone in the Laugh & Learn Baby iPhone Case, then you can still go ahead.