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Latte Light Night Light keeps you awake sans caffeine

night-light-coffeeA night light is definitely worth having around – especially if you happen to be one who does wake up from time to time in order to perform the toilet shuffle at night. After all, you would not want to end up stubbing your toe against the edge of a chest of drawers, only to cuss loudly and wake up the rest of the household, right? Apart from that, having some soft light is always ideal, especially if you would want to up the ante in terms of romantic moods. Having said that, here is a rather creative method of churning out a night light – in the form of the £8.99 Latte Light Night Light.

As you can tell by the name of this unique home appliance alone, it will be inspired by the everyday cup of coffee that millions around the world drink. Instead of being powered by caffeine, this special latte cup shaped night light will run on batteries instead. It sports a couple of disposable-style cup lampshades that will keep company the solitary blank cup, so that one will be able to show off one’s artistic side and come up with a personalized model. Apart from being a bedside lamp, it can add a dash of quirkiness in the kitchen.