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Latest Tech News – 26 December

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How to update the Flash Player

A few weeks ago, the Adobe folks presented a security bulletin stating that previous Flash versions have plenty of bugs, such as versions and others, which have (9) bugs on the critical level. Considering the level of the bugs, and the number of people using the buggy versions, I’d say there are many flash users that are targets for the so called “bad guys”. And since the mere action of checking a website is more than enough to damage/control your computer, the situation is really critical.

Fortunately, there is a solution, which is to update the Flash Player to the latest version, also known as version Check more details, and other info about how to properly update Flash in this Cnet article.

German police go after child porn

In the eastern part of Germany, more specifically on the Saxony-Anhalt state, the police is going after the people that download child pornography, after a ISP (internet service provider) from Berlin checked that users were downloading content from a child porn portal.

So far, there are 12,000 people under investigation, and many of them have illegal images of children on the computer. This raid started back in the Spring, when the Berlin ISP caught the bad folks, and since then it has traced people in more than 60 different countries

Google Reader sharing feature – not so good?

In the latest web news related to the giant Google, many people are complaining about a recent feature added to Google Reader, which makes all the shared items, really shared to all Gmail contacts, instead of private like they used to be. Want to know more? This post at slashdot explains everything.

Source – Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer