Latest Tech News – 19 March


Google to offer hurricane alerts

What started as a “small” research project made by 2 students an University, ended up as being the giant of the internet, also known as Google.

They’ve been adding quite a big number of new features/services to the world since its creation, like the old-school Blogger, the 1GB webmail era a.k.a. Gmail, and many others.

Well, the latest addition to the Google family is being able to gather hurricane information taking in consideration your location. The working method is simple: just by using a Google application (which is somehow connected to the forecasting service), users can know how risky is the situation.

Strangely enough, this service that displays the hurricane risk level will only be available during the Atlantic hurricane season, that happens from June 1 to November 30. During the rest of the year you will have to watch the TV or newspaper, listen to the radio, or make some phone calls, that is, if you’re worried about getting hit by a hurricane.

Facebook account puts Moroccan in jail

Creating fake accounts in social network websites like Facebook is very common, but only if you don’t live in Morocco and target the brother of King Mohammed. That is what happened on February, when someone had the smart idea to use the al-mighty name “Prince Moulay Rachid”.

After all the court sessions, the decision came to a fine of over $1,000, plus 3 years in jail.

But thanks to the millions of bloggers protesting this (stupid) situation, the case is cleared and the man is free after offering a “royal pardon”.

Source: Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer