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Latest Akihabara Products (For A Change)

Bou-Kun USB Keys

Akihabara is a neighborhood in Japan, more exactly in Tokyo. It is popular for the big shopping scenes that offer everything you can imagine in the electronic world such as computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, mp3 players, and so on. This post is to present you some of that Asian technology, not that it matters much (actually it does), but the problem was that I couldn’t find anything better to write about.

So here you have the latest products on the Akihabara universe:

Bou-Kun USB Keys

  • These USB pens were designed by a popular Japanese artist and made by Sollid Alliance
  • The name Bon-Kun means Mr. Stick
  • Each USB device contains the drawing of an animal like snake, giraffe, zebra, etc.

Sanyo DMX-CG65, Yet another Digital Camera?
Sanyo DMX-CG65

At least it is a good looking digital camera, the green is appealing and so is its design. The Sanyo DMX-CG65 has the main big-news on the H.264 connectivity. Other than that it comes with (only) 18MB of internal memory and 6megapixels. The video shootings can be recorded in VGA format at 30fps.

Elecom MF-AU2, Yet another Protective USB Key?
Elecom MF-AU2 USB Key

The popular Japanese company Elecom has come up with another model of the “protect your data by password” kind of USB key, this time it is called MF-AU2 and comes in 3 colors – blue, red or black.

New JVC HD-Ready Multicolored LCD TVs
New JVC HD-Ready Multicolored LCD TVs

I bet JVC decided to bet on the design + colors and forget the quality, or not… Anyway, the new JVC TVs that obviously feature a LCD screen come in 4 different colors – black, silver, gold and pink. The screen size goes from 20-inches to 37, with 26 and 32 in the middle.

Conclusion: As you can see, on the Akihabara world there is a repetition of the same old products every day with a couple of differences here and there, and also with occasional exceptions when something bombastic pops up – like once every week.

Credit for AkihabaraNews