Last Weeks Coolest Gadget (and $50 winner)

Broadband Internet in your Car

Thanks to everybody who voted and/or commented on the previous coolest gadget of the week, I think it went quite well especially as we started it on a public holiday in the US. The winner of the $50 gadget voucher goes to random commentator JD (“Miracle berry tablet! If you’ve tasted my wife’s cooking you’d want one too”), we’ll be in touch.

So what was last weeks coolest gadget:

In first place with 26% of the votes we have, Broadband Internet in your Car .

With in-car broadband internet, you can enjoy your favorite shows, check your mails and be updated with the latest news while on the road. Of course, if you are one of those who believe that everything is better on the laptop, a Wi-Fi hub is part of the package.

Read more about broadband Internet in your car over on Car Tuning Central.

EZ Vision
In second place we have EZVision Eyewear (18% of votes)

The best thing about watching a movie in a cinema is being able to completely focus on the latest instalment of Indiana Jones without any interruptions, not even from a light bulb. To bring this cinematic experience to your home (or indeed to work, the park, the bus, a plane) it would be well worth investing in a pair of EZVision Eyewear.

Read more about these cool glasses over on Gaj-It.

Both receiving 13% of the votes we have our first joint 3rd place.
Ovie Home Theatre
Ovei Home Theater Pod

It looks comfortable in an airline seat cum coffin sort of way and it has climate control (the same type of climate control that is used in F1 cars).

Full post over on Uber Review.

wind up MP3
Green Piece – Wind ups

Wind-up radio king Trevor Baylis has upped the ante to bring us a wind-up media player.

More info on Decide What to Buy.

Thanks again to everybody who submitted, voted and commented, the next coolest gadget of the week will be on Friday.

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