The Lasonic i931 iPod Boombox


There are still a great deal out there that can’t get enough of their old school electronics.  Well for those that enjoy having new technology with an older look, now you can get this boombox.  It’ll play your iPod loud and clear, all the while looking like a boombox you would have had many years ago.  You can even put it up on your shoulder and wander the streets, just for old times sake.  Although you might run the risk of getting beat up if you tried.

The Lasonic i931 Boombox has a USB port, an SD/MMC memory card slot, remote control, microphone input, LCD display and then of course your average AM/FM radio.  Since it is a dock in there, it will control and charge your iPod.  Although they don’t actually mention which iPods this is compatible with.  Since it’s a novelty gadget, the sound quality might be questionable.  However, at least Amazon has it for a reduced price.  You can pick it up through them for $122.95.

Source: Ubergizmo