LaserTV finally ready at CES

Laser TV

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas always rings in the new year with breaking news that make gadget geeks foam at the mouth and this year will be no different. Mitsubishi is set to announce at CES their long anticipated ‘Laser TV’ rear projection 1080p HDTV. Using three lasers rather than one, the new Laser TV concept will divide the colors into red, blue and green lasers to display what Mitsubishi claims is 90% of colors visible to the human eye. By contrast, LCD and Plasma TVs only display about 40% of the known color spectrum. The result will make for sharper, more colorful images. In addition, the new LaserTV technology holds the promise of more lightweight, thin, amd extremely wide-viewing-angles at an affordable price.

This isn’t the first time that Mitsubishi has fired a broadside at CES over LaserTV. In 2006, the electronics company decreed that the technology was just over the horizon, but production problems caused them to miss showcasing the technology at CES last year. The timing appears to be ripe as well as several other companies, including Coherent and Arasor are fast at work on similar LaserTV technology which could mean that LaserTV may be the next best thing on the HDTV horizon.

Source: I4U via GizmoWatch