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Laser-Sighted Billiard Cues

Laser-Sight Billiard Cue

I dreamed of inventing something like this but never actually followed through with it, so I was delighted to see that somebody else also had the idea and actually did something about it. CueSight a laser aiming site for you billiard cue (or pool cue to us UK lot).

The CueSight serves two main purposes, the first is it will help you perfect your stroke:

Any dip or twist will be revealed by the crosshairs. With a perfect stroke, the crosshairs will remain fixed in the “strike spot”, narrowing in on that point as the cue approaches the cue ball. Obviously, the idea is to keep the crosshairs motionless throughout your stroke to eliminate the possibility of mis-cueing or striking at an unplanned angle.

Once you’ve perfected your cueing action you can use the CueSight to line up your shot:

The CueSight cue can help tremendously when it comes to lining up your shot. Simply use the laser to draw a line fronm the center of the cue ball to the point where the center of the cue ball will be when it impacts the object ball.

By lowering the butt of the cue from your normal shooting position, and perhaps raising the shaft slightly, depending on your technique, the vertical line of the crosshairs will illuminate not only the cue ball, but positions “down table” as well. For a straight-in shot, you want to have the top portion of the vertical line illuminate a position in the center, left-to-right, of the object ball…

I’d love to give one of these a try to see how my cueing action changes as the evening progress down the local pub, I find my optimum playing ability coincides with pint three and it’s all down hill after that.

Further info and availability over at CueSight, found via our gadget forums, thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Laser-Sighted Billiard Cues”

  1. I’m from the US, and we usually call it “pool” as well. If you aren’t calling it “billiards” in the UK, then who is?

    On a side note, I also find that my game playing is too rigid when I first begin, and improves considerably through the first few beers as I “loosen up”, and then (of course) declines steadily as the night continues.

  2. That’s odd EEJ I assumed it was you guys, we do have the game billiards over here but it’s no where near as popular as pool or snooker.

    I did play 9 ball last time I was over in the States, but was told off for playing mucky or messy (too many pints to remember) and that I should always nominate which is not what I’ve seen on TV.

  3. This reminds me of playing Jimmy Whites World Wind Snooker where you can opt to turn on the dotted line to line up your shots. Its a shame it cant bounce around the table like the game 🙂

  4. I have one of these and they are not worth it. The tip where the laser part screws on is crooked, which of course means your stroke will always be off. If you try to adjust your stroke so the laser doesn’t move you are actually teaching yourself to shoot incorrectly.

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