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Laser Defuser Optix claims to prevent speeding tickets by police laser gun

defuser-optixNobody likes to get caught by the police for speeding, as it might involve some demerit points in select countries, not to mention the very painful experience of a monetary fine in the form of a ticket. Of course, some apps do inform us that there is a police waiting ahead of us in the road right up ahead, but a lot of that depends on accurate reporting. K40 Electronics has promised that the K40 Laser Defuser Optix is able to help you prevent yourself from getting fined by the police thanks to the latest addition to its police laser gun jammer product range.

K40 is the first in the world to introduce the first police laser gun (LIDAR) countermeasure device in 1994, and the company has not rested on its laurels since with K40 maintaining its leadership position in the laser jamming industry. Making use of a Nanostack technology pulsed laser diode to provide a jamming beam, the Laser Defuser Optix housing is very small, measuring all of just 2.2″ x 0.5″ x 1.1”, which is roughly the size of a slim automotive key fob or USB flash drive. This ultra-compact footprint ensures that you can install it in a discreet manner into grilles and other tight spaces.

The Laser Defuser Optix interface will allow the installation of up to five laser transponders. Such an expansive coverage capability makes it perfect for larger sized vehicles that tend to have more surface area, resulting in the need for increased protection.

Through its built-in USB port, the Laser Defuser Optix system software can be updated in due time, in order to go up against new police laser gun technology that emerge. This is offered as a K40 service procedure, as this update functionality ensures that the Laser Defuser Optix will be able to deliver optimum protection for long-term peace of mind ownership. Any takers?

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