Laser Alignment Putting Trainer

So Tiger Woods is human after all at the recent Masters, with Phil Mickelson wearing the Green Jacket in the end. Well, that doesn’t mean you can now quit your day job and become a professional golfer, can you? The Laser Alignment Putting Trainer could help you there though, as it is also used by by professional tour players and endorsed by golf analyst, Jerry Foltz. This putting trainer relies on a laser to show you when your putter is aligned optimally before you make that putt. An L-shaped mirror is attached to the toe of your putter in order to reflect a laser beam generated from a module which sits opposite the mirror. There are three bars on the module’s display to show whether your putter’s blade is perfectly square and level with the ground at the moment of impact or not. You will need a pair of AAA batteries for this to work, and it will set you back by a mere $59.95. Small price to improve your game, eh?