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Large View Telephones ensure you do not make a mistake

large-view-telephonesAs we age, our bodies start to fail us in different ways. For instance, our eyesight does get a little bit more dim, our hearing starts to be a wee bit harder as we fail to comprehend what others are saying, while we begin to ache and experience sore joints in all sorts of different places. Not only that, our memory also starts to go, which is not a good thing at all. It is nice to know, then, that there are various aids out there which will be able to help us out in our golden years, and the $129.95 Large View Telephones happens to be one of them.

The Large View Telephones will be different from the lesser telephones out there that have hard-to-read caller ID displays, where these will instead come with a large display and an audible feature that is capable of even announcing the names of each caller. There is also a built-in equalizer that will enable you to adjust the phone’s HD audio in order to best suit your hearing, while flashing LEDs will deliver a visual alert to users for incoming calls and new voice messages. The oversized buttons are also backlit, and a generously sized LCD display with numbers 1 1/2 times larger than standard telephones clearly shows the name and number of incoming calls (base and handset). Both base and telephone will boast of a 50-number memory, and just in case there is a power failure, the base will retain emergency and speed dialing functions, at the same time allow incoming and outgoing calls.

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