The Laptop Vest has just enough room for the essentials

iDesk Laptop Vest

When you carry a big bag, it’s hard not to stuff it full of things that aren’t a must-have┬áduring the day, but keep around anyway for just in case scenarios. Most days, you really just need your laptop, charger, and day planner, with space somewhere for your keys and wallet. However, finding a bag that will accommodate this small amount of items without having more pockets and compartments than necessary isn’t the easiest.

If you want to travel with the least amount of literal baggage as possible, the Laptop Vest might be your new favorite backpack. This looks more like a bulletproof vest than anything, but this breathable neoprene and air mesh backpack will be able to store your laptop, as well as whatever else you can fit in the other two zippered compartments. Unfortunately it won’t fit your laptop cooling pad, so no gaming on trips where you just take the vest with you. It has a water resistant exterior, is stain resistant, and can be tossed in the washing machine. You will want to leave it out to drip dry though, lest you want to destroy it.

There are three compartments in all, with an additional shoulder pocket. This can be adjusted to fit comfortably thanks to a sternum strap, and it’s thin enough that it can fit under your coat. It is said that this can hold anywhere from a 10-15 inch laptop, but that remains to be seen. This will cost you $25, and is available in black or green. This seems like it would be useful for walking commuters who occasionally have to deal with inclement weather, and wish they had a bag that could be fully covered by an umbrella or coat without making them look like the hunchback of Notre Dame.