Laptop Speaker Bar

Many laptops and notebooks do not come with quality speakers, they work just as it is right out of the box. Then again, if you want quality audio on the go, what the heck are you doing, relying on the stock built-in speakers? Surely a pair of decent portable speakers ought to do the trick. Well, sometimes you just are on the lookout for something better than the average, and yet it need not occupy the top spot in the technological hierarchy. Guess this is where the Laptop Speaker Bar comes in handy.
ThinkGeek’s $59.99 offering is capable of delivering 360-degree sound right from your laptop or notebook without batting an eyelid. It will clip to the top of most laptops and even netbooks, remaining secure there as long as you require some tubthumpin’ audio. Since this is plug and play, the other end of the Laptop Speaker Bar will be connected to your notebook via USB. It has its own travel case, so you need not cram it into your already bulging laptop bag.

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