Laptop Sleeves that come with matching skins


For those of you that don’t want to stop at just color coordinating your electronic accessories, now you can make your laptop and laptop sleeve match.  It’ll keep your laptop safe in more than one way and you’ll have something with a little more personality.  After all, looking at the same old lid every day on your laptop can get a bit dull.  With these sets you’ll have plenty of selection to choose from, whether you be male or female.

The looks range from flowers and animal prints to the more abstract look with things like ink blotches.  You can do anything from black and white to bright pink or brown.  The sleeves are lightweight and could easily slip inside of a bag or be carried like normal.  They will fit anywhere from 12 to 15 inch laptops.  The sticker has the same size range as far as which laptops it’ll work along with.  The sticker, like many meant for laptops, won’t leave a residue of any kind when it’s removed.  You can purchase one of these sets for $149.99 from Diamonet.

Source: Gadgenista