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This Laptop Cooling Bar loves Macbooks, but will treat all laptops equally

Just Mobile Laptop Cooling Bar

Some products are advertised in such a way that makes it glaringly obvious they are meant to be paired with certain brand-name devices. Anything that is airbrushed aluminum with white or black plastic and a minimalist design is likely going to have photos of it paired with Apple products. Whether or not it actually works well enough to meet the price range it’s aiming for is the thing you’ll want to be wary of.

While there are undoubtedly products that talk the talk but can’t walk the walk, it seems as though this Mobile Laptop Cooling Bar is worth its salt (it’s some pretentious salt, but still). Of course, that’s with the understanding that you’re definitely paying for aesthetics more than anything. This looks like a metal baton, but is used to raise up your laptop to a better viewing angle, and will help with the cooling process since it won’t be bouncing heat off of whatever surface it’s on.

There are three rings on either side to cushion the metal of your laptop on the bar so it won’t get dents and dings, and a flat bottom that will prevent any slipping and sliding that may occur. Additionally, there is a notch on the end to hold your power cable in place while you’re busy with work. This should help your laptop stay cooler and run quieter since the fans won’t be freaking out about being in red alert all the time. This is cut out of solid aluminum, and will cost you $39.95. It is definitely pricey, but small enough to carry around with you on the go, and still does its job.

Available for purchase on bhphotovideo