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Landport Solar-Powered Speakers

Apparently these oddly shaped speakers are Japan’s very first set of active speakers that are solar-powered.  These look more like a cryptic scroll than a set of speakers, but they are speakers.  They’re also speakers that will help you become just a little more eco-friendly.  After all, every little bit helps.  These flat speakers are shaped just right to give you the sound you need and suck up all the sun they’ll require to keep up and running.

Once the Lithium-ion battery has managed to get a full charge, the speakers will run for a full 8 hours continuously.  The 19.5cm by 11.2cm by 5cm speaker can be connected to your iPod or MP3 player through the stereo mini input.  It weighs 290 grams and will be released in Japan sometime this coming March.  At that time it’ll be priced at 5,250 Yen or right around $58.

Source: TechFresh

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  1. Now that IS a cool gadget… Those speakers always run out of power when chilling under the sun…

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