The LampChamp makes any lamp a USB charging station


Every couple of years we find out about a new device that we think is silly, and then buy into and use as if we couldn’t have lived without it. There are smartphones, smartwatches, activity trackers, and soon we’ll be a step or two away from getting implants. With all of these new gadgets, this means we need access to more and more outlets, which usually leaves us scrambling to find at least one or two extra, especially in common areas where everyone (roommates, spouse, children), is trying to power up their stuff too.

While it’s not going to give you a power strip worth of extra outlets, this LampChamp will give you at least one more USB port to plug in to. This is a Lamp Socket addition that you screw into your lamp as you would a light bulb, put the bulb into it, and then plug in your phone, watch, or whatever needs more juice. There are precisely two ways to look at this device, and one is that it only gives you one USB outlet, while the other is that it turns your lamp into a charging station, both of which are true.

If having your gear charged is precious to you, then you’ll have to decide whether or not it is $19.99 worth of precious to you. This will charge anything that can be powered through a USB cable, and if you don’t need it for the time being, simply flip the switch and it will turn off both the port and the lamp. This should fit just about any type of lamp, as most use the same size of light bulb.