How Lamborghini Celebrates a Birthday

Lamborghini Celebrates a Birthday

Happy 50th birthday Lamborghini! Yes, these sleek speed machines have graced roadways – and garages of the rich – for five decades. In very Automobili Lamborghini style they are pulling out all the stops to commemorate their anniversary. And I mean ALL the stops. Unveiled this week prior to the start of the Geneva Auto Show was the Lamborghini Veneno, a $3.9M supercar. (And you thought your friend’s 50th surprise birthday party was a hefty expense.) Only three Veneno’s will be produced for sale. Once you get done dropping expletives read on to get the details of what a $3.9M supercar entails.

First look under the hood. Patterned after the Aventador, the 6.5liter V-12 engine and 740hp will get you 0 to 60 quicker than a sneeze. It tops out at an impressive 221mph. The design definitely turns heads. Carbon fiber galore means emphasis on aerodynamics and downforce – afterall the last thing you want is your multi-million dollar car to fly off the road when you accelerate. Even the interior contains carbon fiber. Trim accents will be in green, red or white (get it – Italian flag). So each of the three produced will be completely unique. Now hold on to your checkbooks. Three lucky buyers have been confirmed and the model in the picture is museum bound. Sorry to burst your bubble. But the Veneno sure provides a fun way for us to “oooh” and “aaahh” and is certainly a fitting tribute for one of the most technologically advanced auto makers.

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