Lalabu – Baby Clothes that YOU Wear

It’s been quite a while since I toted my child around in a little papoose, but I do remember the days that I wandered about with her strapped to my chest, her little legs dangling. She didn’t seem to mind it, but I cant say she loved it either. I needed to get stuff done, and she needed to come with me, so out came the contraption, which my husband and I wore shamelessly for months. Not much has changed in the 10 years that have followed. Until now.

Check out The Lalabu carrier, designed especially for the newborn baby and nursing moms, The Lalabu is actually a rather attractive shirt with a built in pouch and nursing bra. When there’s no baby tucked inside, the shirt looks like a simple top, easy to wear and accessorize, but modest and comfortable. The Lalabu is made to be worn all day as a base layer, or with other clothing and the specialized pouch design is meant to emulate a swaddle, which calms babies, and often lulls them to sleep.

The Lalabu is designed to carry babies from the time that they are born until they reach around 15 pounds, but can also be used the entire time mommies are breastfeeding. The Lalabu is made in the U.S.A and is named to honor the African woman who taught the makers of the Lalabu how they carry their babies. The company has a “One Day One Dollar” model, where they will be giving $1 of every sale to help women coming out of poverty in Africa and one day each week helping to free exploited women in their hometown of Atlanta.

Well that’s certainly a win-win, and no more plastic snaps and little dangling legs… I like it. If you’re a mommy or mommy to be (or know one) and would like a Lalabu carrier they are available for pre-order now, in black, brown, gray, pink and blue for around 50 bucks, a 10 dollar savings off retail. Just visit …but you won’t get one till July.

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