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Lady’s Skin Groomer saves you trips to the beauty parlor

lady-groomerGuys, here is a secret that you might want to know – the lady in your life, whom you have fallen head over heels in love with? Yes, she does not look like how she did during her wedding day, make up and all, throughout the day. There has to be some sort of beauty regime behind it, ranging from eating the right kind of food, not to mention obtaining enough sleep as well as sweating it out to burn off any excess calories, manicures and pedicures. The right make up skill also comes in handy, and perhaps gadgets like the $69.95 Lady’s Skin Groomer would also come in handy.

The Lady’s Skin Groomer happens to be a three-in-one cordless grooming tool which will merge an exfoliator, razor, and epilator, making it handy when it comes to removing calluses and smoothing skin. There is a pumice attachment which will gently buff the feet in order to remove hard patches and leave skin pedicure-soft, whereas the foil shaver and epilator attachments are capable of delivering close, comfortable hair removal. A couple of speed settings will enable users to choose their preferred intensity, where all three attachment heads can be detached after use to rinse under the tap for easy cleanup. The rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of use, although it will require a 16-hour initial charge beforehand via the included AC adapter. Seems to be a tricky gift, however, as the recipient might think that you think she is not pretty enough in the first place, with this being a subtle hint.