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Lady’s Rechargeable Heated Slippers

With winter coming upon us living in the northern hemisphere, staying warm is definitely something that all should look into – after all, how can you function at your optimal level if you’re freezing (inside or outside)? Well, Hammacher intends to keep the feet of your lady nice and toasty with the Lady’s Rechargeable Heated Slippers. These will be totally different from microwavable models that lose their warmth in less than an hour, as these rechargeable heated slippers are full well capable of warding off chilly feet for up to half a dozen hours. This is made possible thanks to an unobtrusive rechargeable battery pack which can be tucked discreetly into a hook-and-loop pocket. Courtesy of the stainless steel fiber heating element located under the forefoot, it can maintain a consistent temperature to keep feet comfortably warm and extend battery life. Seems to be the perfect Christmas gift for the missus at $99.95 if you’re all out of ideas.