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LaCie’s Hub

LaCie Huby
Personally, I don’t mind the clump of cables that sit under and around my desk. My tangled USB cords for my iPod, mouse, PSP, printer, and probably something else just sit around, completely tangled, and it doesn’t bother me a bit. For some reason, people can be irked by this messiness and want more stylish means of hooking all their gadgets up. Designed by someone named Ora-lto, the LaCie Hub will give you one nice looking USB & Firewire hub.

It’s definitely not a plant, and water probably has an adverse affect on it. Those wavy strands are actually 4 USB 2.0 ports and 2 Firewire 400 ports, bet you didn’t think of that! Now plugging boring peripherals in all day is just no fun, but using the 8 colorful LEDs, the USB light, and the USB fan definitely is, not exactly practical per se, but fun. You can also show off your artistic sense because each port can be twisted and bended to your likings. Anything you plug in is plug & play compatible and totally hot swappable. An extension USB and Firewire cord is included for the hard to reach gadgets. If you’re a 100% Apple desk, you’ll love the polycarbonate finish; the Hub will fit right in. This is a powered hub, and the AC adaptor is included.

Pretty much every OS is supported, including Macs and even Linux. If only I had myself a MacBook or an iMac, I’d almost have to get out and spend the $80 to preorder one of LaCie’s new hubs. Of course, I don’t have either of those.

Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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  1. I received one recently and was attracted by its cool design but hub has a major design flaw, as soon as you plug the power cord to the base, it topple the base. It is just like a ball all over your desk. So, if you are going to use it as a decorative piece on your desktop to show off, it is pefect for you, otherise save your money.

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