LaCie Lego Brick Hard Drive

LaCie Lego Brick Desktop Hard Drive

Lego mixed with technology is a never ending hit, the combination makes any product look better than before because the design turns into something soft, sweet, cool and never seen before. It is not by accident that we already covered a bunch of lego gadgets such as the Memory Stick, the PC case made from lego bricks or the Lego Ice Cubes.

With the previous devices in mind, it wouldn’t be fair to not talk about the LaCie Brick Hard Drive. As you can see on the image, it resembles a gigantic version of lego bricks and from what I could read on the description, you can stack other LaCie devices that also have the Lego shapes. Actually, each lego brick on the imagine corresponds to a single hard drive, so this means fun (design-wise) and technology combined together which is a rare thing to see in most actual gadgets because for the most part there are usability and ergonomics details that get in the way.

The LaCie Lego storage devices work with the usual USB2.0 interface to get the best data read/write speeds, they come in a variety of colors and capacities that will please the most demanding stylish geek. There are 4 different LaCie Bricks, more exactly a 160GB model that comes in white, a 250GB on red, a 300GB takes the blue color, and for last but not least there is another red model that can handle 500GB of data.

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