The Labonetz Pelvic Rolling Tollne 8 will help you learn how to shimmy up a storm


Belly dancing is beautiful, sexy, and really hard to do. If you’ve ever taken a crack at trying to do a body roll or shimmy, you know how hard it can be to try and isolate certain aspects of your body to move them like you want. Once you see performers like Rachel Brice and can understand basic mechanisms of how to isolate your body movements, you can appreciate how much harder still it is to isolate muscle groups to look fluid.

If you wish you could shimmy, but have a hard enough time with regular dance moves, then you might like the Labontez Pelvic Rolling Tollne 8. This is meant to be used as a way to tone your hips and waist while improving your pelvic posture, but it will also start you on the road to learning how to shimmy! You’ll have to strap this onto your thigh above your knee, and it will guide your knees in a forward and backward circular motion, which will have your hips moving in a figure eight.

You can do this standing, sitting, or lying down, and with five minutes a day you can start to get a little tone, and better understand an isolated body movement. While this has padding and stretchy straps, it was built for people with smaller thighs, so make sure these will fit before you go spending $147 on them. It is completely possible for you to figure out this move on your own and do it for five minutes a day on your own time. However, this is meant for people who need a little help understanding the movement.

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