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La Sardina Camera and Flash Belle Starr lets you bring a little bit of steampunk with you

la-sardinaMost of the time, we would think of cameras in three different form factors – one, the staple DSLR for semi-professionals and professionals alike. The second would be from the Micro Four Thirds range, delivering a balance between size and performance. Last but not least, there would be the camera sensor embedded within the smartphone itself, and this seems to be the most common camera that we have come across. Well, how about taking a slightly different route in the form of the $199.99 La Sardina Camera and Flash Belle Starr?

The La Sardina Camera and Flash Belle Starr will arrive with a pair of focus settings – 0.6-1m and 1m-infinity. There is also a rewind dial as well as MX switch that make multiple exposures easy, and in order to comply with WEEE regulations, the sale of this product happens to be restricted to just two regions – the U.S. and Canada. This 35mm camera has an exterior that is made from oxidized brass, where it is finished with intricate etchings and engravings. It certainly looks to hail from a time where things moved at a far slower pace as compare to today. Still, it does not compromise on features, since it has modern features like a flash with 3 distance settings and 4 color filters, a film cartridge window, and an auto frame counter. The entire shebang will also have a flash that is powered by a 3V CR123A battery. Each purchase comprises of the La Sardina camera itself, Fritz the Blitz External Flash, 4 color filters, lens cap, and La Sardina Book and Poster.

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