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La Roche-Posay reveals the new My UV Patch

my-uv-patchThis summer, you are hell bent on making sure that you end up getting a tan that will be the envy of the rest of your friends. Well, in the quest of obtaining such a tan, you might end up “over-baking” yourself, which can be dangerous and even lead to skin cancer in the long run. Perhaps it would be wise to tote around a personal UV monitor, or if La Roche-Posay has their way, they would want everyone to carry the My UV Patch wherever they go.

What makes the My UV Patch so special? For starters, the My UV Patch is the first ever stretchable skin sensor that has been specially designed to monitor UV radiation in real-time in order to further educate the public about their personal sun exposure. My UV Patch will take into consideration factors such as skin tone in order to measure exposure to the sun. If users would like to complete the process, then they can go ahead by downloading the My UV Patch mobile app that will play nice on both iOS and Android platforms in order to track UV exposure and inform users of their level of sun exposure.

My UV Patch will also be available free of charge over La Roche-Posay’s website and key physicians, although the latter will only be listed online later this summer. The My UV Patch is convenient to use as it is small in size and yet packs quite a punch. This water and sweat-resistant patch can be used up to three days during all outdoor activities, swimming included.

Its transparent adhesive measures approximately one square inch and 50 micrometers thick, which is half the thickness of an average strand of hair, and will stretch and adhere directly to your skin. It has been specially designed with photosensitive dyes which will factor in the user’s unique skin tone, and the moment it is exposed to UV rays, the patch will start to change colors, indicating the various levels of sun exposure.

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