La Fonction is a portable workstation for jet-setters

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, there is always a deadline looming overhead. You can let it get to you and worry about it constantly, or chip away at your work over time so that it can’t best you. Of course, switching to work mode isn’t always as easy pulling out your laptop. Many people need a quiet place to work, or at least the visual aspect of a workstation to let them focus.

Looking like nothing more than an expensive laptop bag, La Fonction can be a portable workstation for those who need one. It’s made of leather and textiles, and folds out to resemble a desk space. This will let you work away in private, even if you’re in a public space. It was inspired from early photographers and their need to protect themselves from light. There are several micro-partitions that will block off the hubbub of movement and light in your peripheral vision.

It has space for your laptop, phone, pens, paper, and even has a detachable pouch for all of your cables. Although, as it can be removed, make sure you don’t place all of your charging cords off to the side and forget about them. That would be a little bit more than problematic in the day or two to follow. This will cost you around $1,000, if not more should you want a custom creation.

Available for purchase on la_fonction, found via redferret