L4 Laptop Tag – Theft Deterrent and Asset Tracker

I  like to keep track of my stuff, let it be said that nothing is more infuriating to me than having someone help themselves to something I worked for. So imagine running a school, business or hospital where you are in charge of keeping track of assets, equipment, computers or even people?
Check out the L4 tag, a small flat unit designed to be plugged into your laptop or tablet’s ExpressCard slot. The tag works with the Ekahau RTLS system which can track and manage the tags anywhere in a campus or office complex that has Wi-Fi coverage. Designed for use┬áprimarily in hospitals and large office settings the technology could be used to protect personal assets as well.
The L4 has an internal rechargeable battery that is recharged directly from the laptop ExpressCard slot. When the laptop is turned off, or the battery of the laptop is depleted, the L4 will run for several weeks on its internal battery. The L4 can even detect and report the power status of the host laptop as well.
The L4 is a part of an entire line of asset protection and communication devices that operate off an existing Wi-Fi network. These devices include simple trackers, badge tags that can send and receive messages and wearable tags that allow both people tracking and emergency communications.
The L4 begins shipping to customers soon and will be available through, I guess technology will soon make it so that an honest thief simply won’t be able to get away with anything anymore, won’t it?