Kymera Magic Wand functions as universal remote


Universal remotes are a dime a dozen and usually are overpriced.  They are also notorious for being excessively boring.  That is except for the massive ones meant to be a joke about someone’s age or being blind.  Instead of going with your usual gray remote control with too many buttons, you could go a slightly more magical route.  Instead of pushing buttons you could wave around your magic wand to make the channels change.

The Kymera Magic Wand can be flicked up or down in order to change the channel.  If you need the volume up or down you turn it in a clockwise motion.  It has a total of 13 “magical functions” in order to perform actions on your TV.  The wand is battery powered and they’re kind enough to actually include the batteries for once. 

The Kymera Magic Wand is available from Think Geek for $89.99 (or in the UK at Firebox for £49.99)

Source: The Wand Company, Think Geek

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