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Kwikset’s Electronic locks email you when opened

Kwikset SmartCode sidebyside-thumb-550x451-23995I have to admit that I don’t know what it is actually like to have been burglarized, but I occasionally feel the slight fear of robbery when I am away from my home for extended periods of time.

If only I had a way to check if someone has entered my home. I suppose that I could get a camera that is connected wirelessly to the Internet and point it at my front door, or I could use Kwikset’s locking mechanism.

These electronic locksets by Kwikset work with Control4 and the Schlage LiNK system to send you an email when someone enters the door (with the correct combination, of course).

So I suppose that this system would be a good way to police the people who come and go to your door with the proper combination. In other words, it’s probably made for parents with latchkey kids, and not a burglar alarm. Unless the burglar is smart enough to steal the code from you somehow. I wonder if it could be programed to send a message when someone inputs the wrong code.

Both the Control4 and Schlage systems can be programmed for other functions, such as operating the lights, television, or even window shades. The Schlage locks cost about $200, and about $13 per month for the email notification.