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Kwikset Kevo will make sure you don’t have to fumble after your keys

Kwikset Kevo
There have been all sorts of advances in technology that seem to make our lives easier, but can also complicate them. We didn’t need cell phones, tablets, or laptops, but now we can’t seem to picture life without them. Home temperature regulation systems, ceiling fans, and even locks on the front door now all seem to come with a corresponding smartphone application. This is all good and well, but what if the power gives out?

Kwikset is a name that I recognize solely because I have seen them all over the place. They are known for making dead bolts, door handles, electronic locks, and more. This time around, they have created the Kevo, which essentially eliminates the need for a key. So long as you have a key fob, or an iPhone 4s/5, you can simply touch the lock to open it.

Of course, even with the key fob, the power can die, and you would be locked out of your own home. This is why they left the traditional key hole. The Kevo operates on 4 AA batteries, and will give you plenty of warning both on the door and through your phone of needing to be changed, but it should last for a year. You can allow friends and family access through the app that is paired with this, which will tell you who is coming and going from your house. This won’t work with other smartphones (Android) until they carry the same type of Bluetooth capabilities as their Apple adversaries. Thankfully, you also don’t have to have the app open constantly as it only needs to go through a setup process before it will work its magic. These are currently on pre-order only, but the price tag seems to be $219 across the board. They’ll start shipping out at the end of October.

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