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K-Vape Micro DX Review

K-Vape Micro DX

When you ingest a specific food or drink enough, you become accustomed to what good and bad flavor profiles are for each item. The same holds true with things like alcohol and tobacco. We know neither are a good habit to keep, but that doesn’t stop people from pursuing it. There has been an uprising of vaporizers lately, some of which are touted to be a better experience than smoking a pipe or rolled cigarettes. As we all have at least one friend who has a palate for this sort of thing, I employed the help of my own loose leaf connoisseur to help me review the K-Vape Micro DX to make sure flavor profiles are as they should be (keeping in mind that everyone’s preferences are opinions rather than fact).

 How does it look:

This has “micro” in the name for a reason. It measures a little over 5 inches tall and is a tad over an inch wide. The body of the vaporizer is a matte black with a smoother heat-pressed logo and symbol on the top and bottom front of the device. The battery-shaped digital OLED display is glossy clear plastic, and south of that are power and temperature control buttons in black glossy plastic.

It’s smooth to the touch as if it has an exceedingly thin layer of rubber over it with an overall plastic feel that doesn’t seem cheap. When turned on, a bright blue LED behind the power button blinks, providing enough light for the plus and minus buttons just beneath it. The OLED display also uses blue, but it is a more ambient than glaring light that has a slightly more green tinge. The mouth piece on the top is removable, featuring a solid black glossy plastic, and once removed reveals a deep anodized aluminum chamber that has a .5 gram capacity.

How did it do:

This vaporizer was not only good at its job, but fun to play with as well! Once you’ve popped off the top and put your loose leaf of choice in the chamber, you only needed to click the power button five times to get things rolling. As soon as the lights come on, the temperature starts climbing at an insane pace, and while your temperature options range from 350-430, you can choose to change it by a single degree to get things to your exact specifications. Even if you turn it off, it will remember what temperature you last had it at so you won’t have to reset it.

K-VApe 2

It can last for 3-4 hours at a time depending on what temperature you decide to keep it at, and it charges via Micro USB. The cable that comes with it is retractable, and as there is a logo on the top there’s no issue with remembering which device it is for. There are cleaning supplies that come with it as well, so if you can’t tap out the used up remains well enough on your own there are tools to help you make sure you’re starting fresh.

It seemed that the lower temperatures provided a smoother experience versus the higher, which border-lined on the side of ruining the taste of the loose leaf. Seeing that it would be dangerous for this to stay at 430 degrees Fahrenheit for a long period of time, the K-Vape will shut off automatically if it gets to be too hot, which also makes the lower temperatures more appealing as it will stay on longer. However, it does cool down quickly thanks to some vents on the body surrounding the heating chamber. The only noteworthy gripe is that the mouth piece is difficult to remove, and the mesh vent keeping the leaves from going directly into your mouth did not prevent a myriad of tiny pieces from escaping as you inhale.


This is a great vaporizer! It works well, gives you a lot of control over what you want the temperature (and thus flavor) to be, has no plastic taste from the start, and is easy to use. Not only does it look awesome, but it won’t overheat, has safety features in place so you don’t turn it on by accident, and doesn’t use combustion. The mouth piece is hard to remove, as it feels like you’re breaking it to take it off and rattles a bit even when it’s securely in place, but it hasn’t actually broken despite the strength it takes to be removed. This is a $199.95 purchase, but for those of you that smoke regularly, this seems to be worth it’s weight.

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  1. This appears to contain the same workings as the Hebe Titan II, which has a better-looking body and can be obtained for a little north of $50 online.

    I would recommend the Titan II over this unit…

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