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The Kush Support helps pregnant women sleep more comfortably



If you don’t have a pair of breasts then this article probably won’t apply to you. On the other hand, you might learn some stuff about the opposite gender that you may not have previously known. Regardless of your thoughts on the subject matter, having two protruding mounds on your chest is only sometimes really awesome. The rest of the time, it’s the cause of back pain, makes it hard to get comfortable when you lay down to sleep, and makes buying clothing a nightmare.

Wearing a bra will keep this part of your body mostly secure during the day, but at night all bets are off, mainly because most bras have wires in them and cut into your ribs so there’s no point in bothering with them. Nighttime is the only time we can be at peace, and even then you have to deal with your breasts moving wherever gravity mandates. To lessen this, you could get the Pink Kush Support, which is essentially a pillow that you put in your bosom, over top of your sternum.

This was made specifically for women who are pregnant or have fake breasts, with a C cup or larger. Regular usage of this device is also said to help with chest wrinkles, but there’s a catch. This $39.99 pillow will likely have to be worn in tandem with something else as this only keeps the ladies separated, and nothing more. You could get away with a sports bra as they are generally more comfortable, but even then it’s a bit of a downer as you’ll lose one comfort to gain another. As stated earlier, this is mainly intended for use by pregnant ladies to stop one breast from crushing the other if you sleep on your side, though a pillow or some socks might work better.

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