Kuruma Utamaru will let you sing your heart out in the car

Kuruma Utamaru

When you’re in the car and know you’re stuck driving for several hours, it’s hard to keep yourself entertained. This is normally why we turn on the radio if we don’t have music of our own, as it’s better to listen to something rather than nothing. Regardless if they’re your personal selection of tunes or the top 20 hits, you’re eventually going to know the lyrics well enough to sing along.

To make the car ride more exciting, you can turn your vehicle into a rolling karaoke bar with the Kuruma Utamaru. This is a little smartphone attachment that will work with iOS and Android karaoke apps, letting you sing with a mic in hand, and pipes out your voice with adjustable volume and echo through swivels on the side of the unit. While this is meant to be used in tandem with apps, you can also just sing along with YouTube videos or any other content that might be on your phone.

There is a one and two mic version of this, costing you $118 and $138 respectively. This uses a rechargeable battery, and can charge through the 2.9′ cigarette lighter cable it comes with. Unplugged, it will give you around 140 minutes of play time. This should only be used by passengers as the driver has enough distractions to run them off the road as is. However, having split-tone harmonies might be enough to make them drive poorly too.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop