Kuroutoshikou debuts USB graphics cards

USB Graphics Card

If there’s one thing that my desktop PC absolutely must have, it’s the ability to run dual monitors. The extra workspace is essential to my way of life. Since I’m a gamer, I don’t have to worry about this, as most decent graphics cards now have this feature. However, if you have a low-end PC that doesn’t give you this option, you have to go out and purchase a new card to accommodate a second screen. That, or you could purchase a USB graphics card.

Yes, the idea of a graphics card that runs off of a USB port does seem a bit strange, but it is entirely feasible. Kuroutoshikou, who is a sister company of Buffalo have developed two such adapters; one has a VGA port, the other a DVI port. You don’t need a monster computer to run these, a 1.2GHz PIII with 512MB of RAM will suffice. You can hook multiple cards up to a single computer, though you’ll need a more powerful computer to pull it off.

While the graphics cards are compatible with Windows Vista (in addition to Windows XP), Aero is not supported. The cards will run you roughly $80 or $106, depending on which one you get. Unfortunately they only appear to be scheduled for a Japanese launch at this time.

Source: Akihabaranews