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The Kucho Air-Conditioned Cooling Pack – keep your cool in school

Air Conditioned Backpack

When you have to walk a mile or two to get to class, a backpack with a few books in it becomes a heavy burden that digs into your shoulders after the first few minutes of your journey. When the summer sun is in full effect, you also get to experience the joys of a tremendous amount of back sweat, making your bag a soggy mess the rest of the day. You can only cut down so many layers  of clothing to cool off before you might be charged with indecent exposure and carrying a portable AC with you at all times is not really possible.

While you don’t want to strap ice packs to your bag or limbs  since you’d still have the issues of being wet and heavily encumbered, this Kucho Air-Conditioned Backpack Cooling Pack can help. This goes in between your bag and back, blowing cool air on you in multiple directions so you can stay at a more comfortable temperature. It won’t completely cool you off during a grueling walk in the sun, but it will make the experience mildly more tolerable.

This runs off of 4 AA batteries, and has low and high settings for the fan. If you keep it on high, the batteries should last you for 8.5 hours, while being kept on low they will hold out for 44 hours. It’s ideal for outdoorsy types who like being out in the sun, but if they don’t have problems overheating, they may not be willing to cough up $150 for something that isn’t a cure-all.

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