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Kuaiwear unveils the Kuai multisport biometric headphones

kuaiKuaiwear has turned to the tried and tested method of ensuring that their project would be able to take off in a big way – and this is made possible thanks to Kickstarter. Well, their latest idea, the Kuai, happens to be the first multisport biometric headphones in the world. What would make the Kuai stand out from the rest of the other headphones that are currently in the market? For starters, it does away with the need for one to tote around multiple devices during a workout as it merges the functionalities of a heart rate monitor, a foot pod, a sport watch, an MP3 player and a virtual coach into a comfortable and waterproof headphone.

This is made possible thanks to technology that has been clinically validated by Duke University’s Center for Living. In other words, the Kuai will be able to calculate the wearer’s heart rate, VO2 max, calories, cadence, distance, pace and speed in land and water. Perfect for any sport, it would allow the ability to create and download customizable, professional training plans, not to mention for one to receive voice feedback and configurable voice alerts so that it can train smarter and improve performance.

The Kuai is rather robust, as it is waterproof up to three meters and will come with custom ear tips for different sports in order to pave the way for a secure fit. The headphones themselves will feature a five-hour battery life, and has the capability of operating autonomously thanks to its 8GB of internal memory and MP3 player, or to have it hook up to mobile devices via Bluetooth in order to bestow it with the ability to answer phone calls and listen to music via a phone.

Apart form that, it can also hook up to bike cadence sensors thanks to ANT+ in order to receive live voice feedback. Users can then access their sport data and control all features with Kuai free mobile apps that run on iOS and Android, or through desktop apps for PC and Mac platforms. This data can also be exported in .FIT to any popular fitness app like MapMyFitnes, Strava or Garmin, now how about that for flexibility?

Kuaiwear has working prototypes already, and we do keep our fingers crossed that the Kickstarter campaign will be a success, and if so, it ought to ship sometime this November.

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