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Kryptonite Bike Chain

Kyrptonite Chain

Worried that Superman might tear your lock off and nick your push bike, fear not with the Kryptonite bike chain (sleeve).

Kryptonite New York Chain with EV Disc Lock and custom JACK SPADE nylon procective cover silkscreened with a topographic map grapic. The Kryptonite New York Chain comes with a lifetime key registration and limited lifetime warranty. Replacement keys available.

Available from Jack Spade (cover $25 or including chain for $144), found via aquire.

4 thoughts on “Kryptonite Bike Chain”

  1. Hey Tom – we are way, way past that. All of our products were redesigned at that time. And this month we are delivering about 70% new products, yet again. We’ve been busy bees here at Kryptonite. Even have a newly designed website and a brand new blog! Check it out – it’s the best place for all things Kryptonite.

  2. the chains a joke and not worth a cent. it’s been proven croppable in 11 seconds. what use is that?

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