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Kruzer self-balancing scooter needs your help to be realized

kruzerPersonal mobility devices that have been made popular such as the Segway has not quite invaded every single facet of our lives, as you will only be able to find these in some of the more metropolitan areas. Having said that, a self-balancing scooter such as the Sky Walker is definitely something that is cool to have, as there is a science fiction feel and look to the entire shebang. For those who feel that the self-balancing scooter segment still has plenty to offer and expand into the future, here is something worth checking out on Indiegogo – the Kruzer.

The Kruzer is said to be the latest two-wheel electric self-balancing scooter, where it intends to pick up $10,000 in a matter of 30 days. The Kruzer can be described to be a cross between a scooter and skateboard, which would mean that this is the ideal gift for anyone who is as young as 15, going all the way to 50, targeting the person who has every high tech toy to date and is always on the lookout for the next big thing. Expertly-engineered to respond to the body’s leanings, all that the rider needs to do is to step on it, lean in the direction where one would like to go, and voila! it does not matter whether you are moving forward, backward, or zooming in circles, it will get all of those done at speeds of up to 7 MPH.

Now, what would make the Kruzer special and different from the other self-balancing scooters out there? For starters, it will boast of Bluetooth speakers which will enable riders to listen to their favorite tunes as they cruise around, or in this case, “kruze”. Not only that, there is also a long battery life – we are talking of a single charge delivering up to 10 miles of range, now how about that? There is also no sense of diminishing returns as the short charging time of just 2 hours makes it worth checking out.

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  1. This hoverboard appears to be the same as all the other $200 models from China — plus speakers. Why in the world would anyone put up money to Kickstart this?

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