KR Tools Autoloader Screwdriver changes bits automatically

KR Tools Autoloader Screwdriver

When you’re trying to do odd jobs around the house, it’s nice to have a few little tools around to make things a lot easier.  These Autoloader screwdrivers allow for you to go from job to job without having to make a run to the toolbox for a different sized screwdriver.  It adds just enough convenience that it’d be great for anyone that’s constantly having to do 10 things at once. If you are looking for something even more convenient, check out cordless drills, which could make your life a lot easier. Those are the perfect tools to always have at home for every kind of homeworking job.

The screwdriver has six interchangeable bits built into the handle in both Phillips and flathead form.  It has a pump action design that allows for the bits to be changed out automatically.  Each of the tips are magnetic as well, to make hanging onto screws easier.  These screwdrivers are sold in sets of two, one with smaller bits and the other with larger ones.  Although this isn’t something you’d buy for a guy who owns every tool ever created, it might actually be a great gift for someone moving into their first home.  You can purchase the set for $29.99 from Amazon.