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The Kotatsu Heater for One will help you stay toasty while working

Kotatsu for One

As Fall comes closer and closer, we have to start pulling out sweaters and other thicker garb to keep ourselves cozy. The air conditioners are still on full blast indoors which is great during the day, but when the temperature plunges at night it’s hard to not turn the heat on. Should you live in a colder area with these chilly months coming, then you’ll want plenty of ways to keep yourself warm so you’re not tempted to hibernate and leave your work on the shelf.

For those that live by themselves and can’t stand being cold, this Kotatsu Heater for One is going to help your appendages stay warm despite the coming temperature drop. We’ve looked at a Kotatsu before, and this version is a standard find from Japan as well, with a low table that has a heater underneath with a blanket coming around on all sides. This version comes with a low chair so that you can sit and work away while keeping jack frost from nipping at your toes.

This has a 9.8′ cord and adjustable table legs so you’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all situation. This is not something that will come to you without taking a bite out of your wallet at $464. It could certainly help make working in a colder living space more tolerable, but it will add a smaller bump to your electricity bill rather than turning on the heat every evening and the AC during the day.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop