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The Korner is affordable home security

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It’s always a bit terrifying knowing that someone can break into your home if they really want to. If you’re living in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, then you’ve likely already taken measures to keep your home safe. However, if someone sneaks in while you’re away, you’re likely not going to know until the damage is already done.

For high-income properties, security is usually a major factor because they can afford it, and that’s why most break-ins happen at middle and low-income houses. The Korner is hoping to change that, by providing an option that won’t break the bank, and is easy to install. This will stick to the corner of your doors and windows (wonder where the name came from?), and will notify you via smartphone alert if someone tries to enter while it is armed.

The fob will plug into your router via Ethernet port, and will make a loud sound should any of the tags you’ve placed be disturbed. It is said that these will be able to tell the difference between wind or knocking as opposed to actually entering. If your home is broken into while you’re away, an alert will show up that will let you choose to call the police, or notify your chosen circle of family and friends to see if anyone is in the area to investigate. Getting a ‘medium home’ set which is 6 tags and a fob will cost you $149, while the large version which comes with 9 tags and a fob will cost $199.

Available from crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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